Managed Server Hardening


One Time Payment


WizzSecure covers 25 points of critical server and application security areas. Our team has over 10 years of experience securing Linux servers and our goal is to protect your uptime and web investments.


Full managed security hardening and assistance means we will work with your specific needs and cater the secure process to your specifications. We are happy to communicate and update you through each step.


30 days of managed support related to your secure is included to ensure everything is running fine. We’ll be glad to help with any other server issues you may have as well.

Unsure About The Security On Your Web Or Application Server?

WizzSecure is the premiere Linux software and server hardening service. We developed WizzSecure to provide server operators with a managed security service. Along with our excellent service we will also provide you with guidance and support.

Our dedicated security engineers will obtain information on your services and applications and cater our comprehensive updates and audit especially for your needs. The time and work you perform on your web server is valuable, minimize your risk and protect your investments by selecting WizzSecure. WizzSecure includes 30 days of support on your securing session so if you have any questions or need anything we will be here to help you.

Service Performance

Ensure performance is at the highest possible level. Vulunerable PHP functions will be checked and disabled and MySQL configuration will be optimized for the best possible DB transaction rate.

Firewall & Brute Force Protection

Protect against unathorized access to your server and keep your important files secure.

Access Lock Down

We will secure your server access to stop intruders. SSH can be configured to disable root logins and restrict access to your home or office IP.

Server Hardening & Optimization

Harden your server on many levels; kernel, OS, application, and network. We resolve permissions and protect temp directory and shared memory space against attacks.

HTTP & DoS Protection

Wizzsecure installs and configures Apache modules to prevent against web application and DoS attacks. Our customized rulesets are updated daily to ensure your server is fully protected.

Virus & Malware Protection

Malware is common on shared hosting servers due to insecure software installed by users. Linux Malware detection can scheduled and reports will be automated so you will have a better view of any malware activity on your servers.

Detailed Report Once Your WizzSecure Is Complete

After your WizzSecure is completed we’ll document all of the work done so you have a record of all changed made. Think of this as your servers maintenance report. You’ll have details on what was changed and important settings to reference in the future.

Proactive Notifications Following Your Secure

Even after your 30 days of included support expires we’ll keep you updated with any significant major vulnerabilities or exploits that are in the wild. Your email will be included in our notification distribution list for urgent impacting vulnerabilities and we’ll work with you to resolve them free of charge. We are committed to helping you have the best security possible on your server.

More Details

Firewall with Login Failure Detection

Detect and Block Inapropriate Access

Secure PHP

Disabled Vulnerable Functions

Update Control Panel

Get more value from by enabling additional features

ClamAV Email Scanning, Harden Mail Server

Make sure your mail service never goes down

Secure Apache, MySQL

Serve pages faster and more securely

Shell Fork Bomb / Memory Hog Protection

Protects your server from crashing

Mod_security, Mod_evasive & PHP SuExec

Reduce your web tier vulnerability level

Secure SSH

Only you will know how to access your server

Sysctl Check and Hardening

Ensure that the hardware is running efficiently

Audit File System & Shared Memory

Prevents open access & file system vulnerabilties.

Remove unused services & processes

Improve performance and free up disk space

Check crontab for any suspicious entries

Gain more effeciency from your existing resources

All of this for a one time payment of $29.99

Ensure the best possible security for your server today.