After years of working through the most complex server challenges our team has created an admin package for nearly every type of server issue and budget. Click the plan name or price for more details on common tasks for each service. Click the more info button on the plan for whats included.

Monthly Server Management and Emergency Admin Services

Monthly recurring control panel plans offer you an extra hand with fixing issues on your control panel powered server. Emergency resolve 911 plans offer instant access to our admin team and help you return to service and resolve any one time emergencies you may have.


Monthly Management

Instant Activation

Instant Activation

Level 1-3 Support Issues

Ticketing Support

30 Minute Response Time

3 Ticket Per Day Limit


Monthly Management

Instant Activation

Instant Activation

Instant Response

Most Issues Resolved in Under an Hour

Level 1-3 Support Issues Covered

Money Back Guarantee

LiveChat and Ticketing Support

1 Ticket Limit

24/7 Support Team Packages

Hire a dedicated 24/7 team to help bring your project online, help guide you through maintenance, or help with any issues or requests that may require dedicated system admin attention. Project Manager included on all plans. This is your personal dedicated admin staff to help with your highly specific needs.


24/7 Shared Support


24/7 Semi-Dedicated


24/7 Hosting Support


24/7 Dedicated Support

Dedicated Admin Packages

Hire a dedicated admin to help bring your project online, help guide you through maintenance, or help with any issues or requests that may require dedicated system admin attention. This is your personal dedicated admin staff to help with your highly specific needs.


Level 1 Support


Level 2 Support


Level 3 Support


Project Manager

What People Are Saying

Wizzsolutions has managed to get together the most professional group of server admins I know about. They have great expertise in every aspect of technology. There is no big task for them, there is no problem that they cant fix and always in time. I highly recommend this company to everybody looking for a great team of server admins, VPS or Dedicated Servers. 

Thanks guys for the excellent service and wish you all the best! 



George Koo.


What People Are Saying

Wow! These guys are really great. I liked how at the end of the report they mentioned things that were important for my clients but not necessarily about security: such as making sure my FQDN hostname is setup properly so that other servers don’t block my clients’ emails! Will use them again if I grow big enough to need another VPS 🙂 

David Ludwig


What People Are Saying

WizzSolutions Review – 3 years success on WebHostingTalk




What People Are Saying

The actual undertaking of the service was excellent and at the time stated. Unfortunately the subsequent report was delayed and there was no communication to as why. Good communication is vital and had the delay in producing the report been advised at the time there would have been no problem. Having said that that I believe that Wizz showed genuine concern and appreciated what effect it had on me. I would not hesitate to use Wixzz again. 

What People Are Saying

Unlike a lot of hosting companies, these guys are really helpful, when you have problems. Even though our problems were caused by bad coding, rather than server faults, they go the extra mile to help out. They help identify what the problems are, suggest fixes, and respond to help requests in a very speedy manner. 

Leo Collins


What People Are Saying

I originally contacted wizzsolutions as I was interested in a server securing service they provided as a one-off. My contact with the team, especially with Michael, convinced me to take a regular monthly subscription for support. I looked around, and did not find a better service for my Centos plesk server in the price range I am paying Wizzsolutions. Our partnership has been now for many months and I wish Michael and his team a lot of success with the new WizzAdmin services 

What Is The Right Package For You?


You like to handle as much server management as possible but could use an extra hand. Instead of letting issues sit you need them to be resolved as soon as possible. WizzAdmin Monthly is intended to give you the extra server admin and basic security assistance for keeping your server online and productive for your business.


Is your server suddenly not working as you need it to be? A hacker defaced your site? Hard drives are crashing? Server will not boot or services fail? Not sure what your server issue is and need a skilled admin to check? Our emergency package would be for you

Daily – Multi-day

You have a project that may take 1, 3 or 7 days. You need a large migration to be completed with no errors. You may need a multi server infrastructure or environment setup and tested. Choose WizzAdmin Daily packages for dedicated admin assistance and a project manager to make sure your project is completed to your full satisfaction.Ticketing, livechat, skype, and project manager included.Starting at $149/day

Monthly Server Management

Instant Activation – Immediate Access to Admin Team

The WizzAdmin Monthly plan is your admin team standing by to help with general and advanced server service issues. Your server health is important to your business and you deserve the peace of mind that your server is running right. WizzAdmin will help you rest easy at night. Below are some common uses for our WizzAdmin Monthly Control Panel plan.

Server Optimization and Audit

Check and update system services to fix high load errors or service issues

Resource Issues

Help you optimize and free disk, memory, cpu or network resources allowing you to grow more

Migration and Restore

We’ll help move your site or service from source to destination

Apache and MySQL Optimization

Tweak variables to your specific usage for best performance for your users

Backup Setup

Help configure your backup and disaster recoevery strategy

Blog or eCommerce Site Support

Help resolve software configuration issues, error messages, sites down

DNS Configuration issues

Make sure you have the highest performing secure DNS service running

Mail Issues

Diagnose and resolve issues with mail sending and receiving

Automation and Load Balancing

Cron assistance, load balancing and general workload optimization

Specialty Service Setup and Configuration

and setup nginx, lightspeed, cloudflare, ffmpeg, or any enhanced services

Control Panel Enhancements

Enhanced security and addons for common control panels

Reporting and Notifications

Setup and receive notifications around disk and system health and performance so you know before there is an issue

Emergency Support Plan

Instant Activation – Guaranteed Issue Resolve

Apache wont rebuild and your sites are down?

Not sure what is wrong but need help quick?

You cant waste any more time and need your issue fixed immediately. You need instant support and we are here to assist you. Choose the WizzAdmin Emergency Support Plan for instant access to our Admin team to resolve your emergency server issue. We’ll give it our very best and allocate any and every resource possible to return you to service. If we cannot resolve it, we’ll refund you. Money back guarantee.

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